WOD 140322

Posted: 03/21/2014 in WOD

REMINDER: Join us THIS Sunday(tomorrow) for a fun WOD and a Potluck.

The winner of the Eat Clean Train Dirty 60 day challenge will be announced at the gym after the 3pm Sunday Funday WOD.

We will celebrate everyone’s hard work with a Potluck. Everyone is welcome to attend, so that means members, nonmembers, challenge participants and non-participants, so bring your friends and family and a dish to share!

WOD 140322

Ring Dips groups of 2
Use 1:30 intervals
5 rnds
:45 = 5 Wtd Pause Ring Dips (3 seconds) + MAX Rep Ring Dips with remaining time
:45 = REST

30 sec Ring Dip
15 sec rest
30sec Burpees
15 sec rest
30sec Kettlebell Swings (M-70#/F-53#)
15sec rest
30sec Double Unders
1:00 REST

Marathon Training

Run (SUN): 13.1M TT
Row (SUN): 13.1M TT

Triathlon Training
“Olympic Distance Tri”
Swim (SUN): 1.5k
Bike (SUN): 40k
Run (SUN): 10k

CrossFit Outlaw

CrossFit Endurance

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