WOD 140401

Posted: 03/31/2014 in WOD

WOD 140401


5 rnds (small Groups)
5 Bench press Progress weight
90 sec rest ( or cycle partners through)

12 minute AMRAP:
20 kettle bell swings unbroken (70/53)
(If broken start over from 0 and finish the set)
10 Push ups
200 m Sprints ( 50m down, 50m back)
*Score total reps completed

Marathon Training

Run (TUE): Repeat 400m, recover 1:00, until form/pace deteriorates
Row (TUE): Repeat 500m, recover 1:00 until form/pace deteriorates

Triathlon Training
Run (TUE): Repeat 400m, recover 1:00 until form/pace

CrossFit Outlaw

CrossFit Endurance

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