A Note from the Owners

 We CrossFit because it works. Using the CrossFit methodology, our workouts are comprised of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity. That means we are exercising muscles used in daily tasks like picking something off the ground (deadlift) with proper form and at high intensity. Our workouts and knowledgeable coaching staff can help scale the workout to suit your fitness level.

Although many gyms call their clients athletes, CrossFit is the only fitness system that treats them as such. You will learn specific warm ups for specific movements to create muscle memory. You will learn how to keep your body mobile as you age, go through a workout or sit at a desk all day. You will also learn how to use full range of motion to your advantage in lifting weight, sprinting, jumping on boxes, swinging from pull up bars and so much more. If you think you will never be able to do what’s described, just give us a try. We bring out the athlete in you. 

You can expect a friendly staff and a welcoming community of like minded individuals at our gym. Our community is dedicated to fitness but also the comradery it takes to get through a grueling workout. Don’t worry, our WOD’s (that’s CrossFit speak for Workout Of The Day) rarely last more than 40 minutes, leaving plenty of time for mobility, chatting with your friends/coach or simply enjoying the atmosphere. 

Our owners are friends and partners with a passion for wellness and sharing it with others. Join us at Vette City CrossFit and become part of our community!

Kyle and Courtney Wise
Mauro and Sarah Scali
Chris and Karrie Robbins
Alan and Chelsey Bush