Meet Mitch


First and foremost I am married to Ami Mitchell and we have 3 crazy kids, Azurie 7, Aven 3, and Adler 2. I work as a firefighter / emt at the Bowling Green Fire Department; going on my 5th year. I am fortunate to have a wonderful family and two jobs I love (firefighter and Vette City Crossfit Coach/Co-owner).

To put it simply, I believe CrossFit offers the best program for elite athletes down to your everyday “john doe”. I thought I was in decent shape in 2007; I regularly weight trained and ran 4-5 days a week. One day I was introduced to CrossFit by trying to complete 21 / 15 / 9 pullups and thrusters. The workout took me 15:45 and thoroughly kicked my butt (today the same workout takes me about 3:30). It was at that moment that I knew I wasn’t doing something right. From that day forward I was on a mission to stick with CrossFit and see where it would take me. Although it kicks my butt to this day, I enjoy it and in a weird way it is addictive. At the same time I’m laying on the floor after a workout; sweating and trying to breathe normally again, I think to myself “that was a good one” and I can’t wait to challenge myself the next day.

CrossFit has changed the way I think about fitness. I used to do “back and bi’s” / “chest and tri’s” in big globo gyms by myself and looking in a mirror waiting to see bulging biceps and Arnold Schwarzenegger pecs (which neither were ever going to happen). Now I go into the a gym with no mirrors, no headphones in, join in a class with great people, and challenge myself to beat my time in a workout I’ve done before (if only by a few seconds), squat 5 more pounds than I did last week, set a new deadlift 1 rep max, sometimes just trying to make it through a grueling workout that is both mentally and physically tough; all the while I’ve got friends around me going through the same thing as me and we all push and cheer each other on. CrossFit is fun, rewarding, challenging, and inspiring. The idea is simple; tackle your weaknesses. Everyone in the gym finds themselves accomplishing things they never thought possible and eager to come back each day to see what they are capable of.

Our goal is to build a healthy community and we look forward to doing just that! Come by and check out Vette City CrossFit.