Meet Tom Dolan


Tom Dolan is one of the four partners at VCC. His experience starting CrossFit is unlike most in that he thought the sport was dumb and the people doing it … dumber. That is, until he tried popular benchmark Wod “Cindy” for the first time– 14 rounds and 20 minutes later he was hooked and became part of the group he once thought was silly. Like most CrossFitters, Tom scaled his weights and Wods when he first began but now completes nearly all workouts and weights as prescribed (or RX’d).

Tom is a Dad of three, soon to be four. He and his wife Jessie are in the midst of adopting a little girl from Africa. They also operate a company called 25:40 Love that donates 10% of all revenue to causes like adoption, hunger and cancer. Although Tom spends a huge amount of time with his family, he schedules in coaching and workouts each day. The feeling he gets after putting heavy weight on a bar or completing a tough Wod keeps Tom coming back for more.