Gym Closure

Posted: 03/16/2020 in Uncategorized, WOD
In attempt to minimize the risk for our community and stop the spread of Covid-19, we will not be conducting classes starting tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th.  We expect the closure to last two weeks with us being back open for business on Wednesday, April 1st. Knowing that a healthy lifestyle is important, we will be providing daily at home workouts via our website, Facebook, Instagram and sugarwod.  Posting to Sugarwod will allow us to continue to share our personal progress and give our friends fist bumps for keeping at it during this difficult time.
If you need to grab any personal items from the gym during this time, please feel free to do so tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th.  After that, no entrance will be allowed until the first of April.
Cleaning- in addition to our coaches cleaning daily, we recently hired a well established and respected cleaning crew to do a thorough cleaning each Sunday.  We will continue to do so to ensure our gym stays as clean and sanitized as possible
Membership dues- if any of our community has been laid off or is having a tough time financially due to the impact of Covid-19, we want to help.  Feel free to reach out if partial pmt would be helpful during these two weeks or beyond.  We as a small business understand the difficulty of taking care of our financial responsibilities, as our bills will be there to pay regardless of what happens over the coming weeks
Coaches- some of our incredible coaches rely on their monthly paycheck.  During these two weeks, we intend to continue to pay those individuals to ensure their needs are met
This hysteria will pass and when it does, we will all be better for it.  Hug your family, help your neighbor, and get ready.  Just because you aren’t in the gym, doesn’t mean we wont be getting one heck of a workout!

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